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Smart Grids Need Smart Consumers

We help ‘bridge the gap’

Smart metering was introduced to transform the relationship between customers and utilities. The reality is that smart metering, on its own, delivers little more than an improved billing process.

Consumer Benefits

  • Assisting them to take smart, conscious decisions
  • Saving energy and money
  • Making them feel engaged with energy use and allowing them to share experiences with others

Our role within the smart metering industry is to help ‘bridge the gap’, engaging consumers with energy related services. We do this by providing smart tools that add value in both directions:

Benefits for Utilities

  • Improve customer satisfaction and trust leading to customer retention and brand loyalty
  • Reduce the level of negative environmental impact resulting from the generation of energy
  • Encourage demand side management initiatives

Bespoke Energy Services

Pre-Smart, Smart, Push, Pull, Ambient

We understand that each utility requires differentiated products and services and therefore
we offer multiple feedback channels customized for each project:

In-home displays Online data gateways Ambient devices Smart sockets
Offline software solutions Web and mobile applications Big Data analytics

Our existing solutions work also with pre-smart meters and therefore
there is no need to wait for smart meter rollouts. We can develop solutions for you today.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves on our customer service

Today we have helplines and technical support service centers in UK, Spain, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and USA, offering utilities first and second line support:

  • Unique telephone number and caller ID
  • Help to your technical support staff. We can also offer training sessions addressed to your support team
  • Online chat service and screen sharing services. This is extremely useful when dealing with software products
  • Customer support reporting and statistics. With this service you will be able to identify measures to reduce complaints and/or to improve customer satisfaction

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