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Efergy Corporate - Home of energy monitors, energy meters and electricity monitors

Why Is Net Metering Important?

Take control of energy consumption and micro-generation

Governments across the globe confirm that micro-generation will be a key part of the community’s future energy mix.

The potential for micro-generation is big but without monitoring tools its deployment may be incomplete. Net Metering consumers need data to monitor the effectiveness of the system and related rewards.

Our technology allows people to manage Net Metering and much more:
  • Accurate monitoring through our range of sensors
  • Providing real time energy generation feedback
  • Monitoring net metering
  • Calculating ROI
  • Alerting about high or low energy usage levels
  • Enabling data download
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Smart Homes

Helping a new generation of energy consumers with In-Home Devices

In conjunction with our displays, we offer the opportunity for additional devices to be linked to the system:

  • Smart plugs
  • Ambient devices
  • Temperature sensors
  • Motion and light sensors

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