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The Power of Energy Visibility

You can't save what you can't see

Real-time energy use feedback has proven to be an effective tool for raising energy awareness and reducing domestic energy consumption.

Comprehensive studies of smart meter rollouts and trials show that those including real-time energy feedback mechanisms achieve substantially greater energy reductions.

Through making energy visible, we are committed to helping consumers save energy. Our technology helps to monitor and manage energy in real-time through In-Home, Web and Mobile Displays.

Why is Real Time Data Valuable?

All our solutions provide real time data so why is this important?

  • Using real-time information makes energy use tangible
  • Real-time establishes trust and a natural cause and effect demonstration
  • Real time feedback stimulates immediate action
  • Advanced models that analyse the data in real-time can  optimise the energy profile of the house using  community level data
  • Providing the community elements is also enhanced through real time display. It’s interesting to see how people engage when they can see that the community is real and active

Design for Behavioural Change

Data presentation is vital

An effective design converts raw data into meaningful and valuable
information, creating an engaging experience, one that consumers may be willing to share with others.

With the increasing knowledge available in Energy Behavioral Science and a decade of hands-on experience interacting
directly with end consumers, we have built a solid platform that has produced high standards in design and user interface.