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Socios de la Tecnología

Nos tomamos muy en serio la asociación. Con una industria de evolución tan rápida, somos conscientes de que no podemos hacerlo todo nosotros solos y necesitamos formar alianzas estratégicas. Aquí encontrarás las compañías centrales con las que nos hemos asociado:

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Silver Springs Networks. Redwood City (CA), USA

We work with Silver Spring Networks developing Advanced Metering Infrastructure projects for large utilities across the globe. Silver Spring Networks is a leading networking platform and solutions provider for smart grid energy networks.

Rexense. Hangzhou, China.

With more than 10 years experience, Rexense is specialized in ZigBee-based wireless communication systems. Rexense has excellent relationships with tier one universities and research institutes in China assisting them with research and training.

Hildebrand Technology Ltd. London, UK.

Hildebrand works in conjunction with efergy to provide online energy services and data analytics to utility and governments. As an expert on the field, Hildebrand provides creative and technology consulting for service organisations. Hildebrand combines innovative technology with real-world experience turning complex problems into a source of competitive advantage.

Holley Metering. Hangzhou, China.

We work with Holley towards developing joint compatible solutions in the smart metering market. Holley Metering Limited is a cross-regional and export-oriented company focusing on R&D, manufacture and marketing of energy meters. With 38 years experience in metering field, Holley is currently the biggest meter manufacturer in China whose annual production capacity achieves 25 million pieces.

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Protronic Ltd. Hong Kong, China.

Protronic is our major manufacturing partner. With an industrial park located in Dongguang comprising of five blocks of production complexes Protronic's Head Quarters are located in Hong Kong. The total gross floor area for production is approximately 500,000 sq.ft and the fixed asset value is more than US$50 million. The operation is structured in 5 essential functions, including centers of Engineering, Production, Quality, Logistics and Administration. Protronic generates 25% of its energy use through renewable sources as part of a strong Social Corporate Responsibility policy.

Echelon Corp. San Jose (CA), USA.

We work with Echelon towards developing joint compatible solution in the smart metering market. Echelon Corporation develops markets and supports the world's most proven, open standard, multi-application energy control networking platform. Today Echelon’s technology platform is embedded in more than 100 million devices, 35 million homes, and 300,000 buildings.

Sentec Ltd. Cambridge, UK.

We work in conjunction with Sentec to transform cutting edge monitoring technology into desirable yet affordable consumer products. Sentec is a world leading supplier of smart grid and metering technology with footprint of over 10 million meters in markets across the world.

Trilliant Inc. Redwood City (CA), USA

We work with Trilliant developing Advanced Metering Infrastructure projects for large utilities across the globe. In the UK we are members of the Trilliant Interoperability Group providing UK based utilities a well-defined solution.