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Efergy have supplied monitors to the largest energy saving project in the world and also to small community initiatives. Whatever your requirement is we’re confident we can deliver the right products, at the right time for the right price.



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Case Study 1

ClimateSmart Home Service Programme
Queensland Government, Australia

The internationally award-winning ClimateSmart Home Service program was designed in 2008 for the Queensland Government to help households save money, energy and the environment. Over 344,000 Queensland households received the service which equates to 1 in 5 Queensland households, contributing to 3,173GWh in energy savings. On average each household saved AUS400$.

Climatesmart ran a series of commercials that proved popular with viewers.

The ClimateSmart Home Service was an in-home service that provided homes with both technological and behavioural support, including an Elite In-Home Display, to ensure that they received the very best opportunity to make essential energy savings in their home, subsequently saving money and reducing carbon emissions.

The efergy materials empowered customers to feel that they could always do more and make a real difference. In post service communications, households were reminded of their personal targets and encouraged to use the monitors to see how they were tracking against these targets.

Jane Bullock, LGIS Project Delivery Manager

It was the first large-scale energy efficiency service in Australia, and one of the first of its kind – an integrated, fee for service, technological and behavioural change service – in the world. The service was subsidised by the Queensland Government, funding a majority of the base service, project management and marketing costs for over 344,000 of the State's households.

Extremely successful, with customer satisfaction rating of higher than 95%, the project was marketed with a series of TV ads that engaged the public with their off the wall humour.

Case Study 2

Sabadell City Council
Sabadell, Spain

In 2009, the City Council of Sabadell (Spain) launched an energy awareness programme to help home owners understand the link between energy consumption and generation of CO2 emissions; and, as a result of this, reduce in their energy consumption. One hundred families received an Efergy E2 In-Home Display for a six-month period enabling them monitor energy consumption and take instant measures to reduce usage.

The project was awarded by the European Commission for its innovation approach.

Results show an average energy reduction of 14.3%, confirming what is already widely accepted that real time energy feedback is a proven tool for raising energy awareness and reducing domestic energy consumption. The project was funded by the municipality of Sabadell and partly by the Catalonian Autonomous Government.

The energy monitor provides very useful information encouraging behavioural change and raising awareness towards electricity usage. I would definitely recommend the use of energy monitors to anyone who is willing to understand and reduce energy usage. 
Sabadell Council Programme Manager


Download the councils official report on the campaign here

Sabadell TV show featuring efergy's COO Mikel Aguirre

Case Study 3

Hogares Donostia-CO2
Donostia, Spain

In 2010 Hogares Donostia-CO2 was launched in one of the most beautiful cities of Spain, Donostia. About one hundred families enrolled in this program that was designed to analyse the impact of In-Home Displays as a tool to change behaviour and save energy.


An Efergy E2 In-Home Display was given to each participant and the results show an average energy reduction of 9.5%. It is sustained that the installation of such devices in all homes of Donostia would contribute to 9,738 Tonnes of CO2 every year.


It was particularly important to show the energy usage in Euros. This was plain language for all and made a big impact in all participants.
Donostia Programme Manager


Following the interest generated by the two preceding stages and the good results, the municipality will launch the third edition in 2013 which is now open to participation for all local residents.