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We understand your goals

We produce a range of energy saving solutions that we believe will improve your brand, bring value to your business and also enhance consumer satisfaction.


We’ve built up successful relationships with major utilitiy companies around the world who have chosen efergy as their solution provider.
We have the experience of working on challenging specifications and RFP’s which gives us a head start when it comes to satisfying the requirement.

The mass implementation of energy monitoring systems by utilities is currently a work in progressin the UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Switzerland and Australia to name a few.
All of these utilities had these common goals in mind:

Reduce the level of negative environmental impact resulting from the generation of electrical energy

Raise public awareness with regards to reducing their consumption

Provide the consumer with knowledge and tools to empower control of energy usage

Reduce energy demand on the grid during peak periods

Customized In-Home Display



The UK is a pioneering country when it comes to energy monitoring. This is because since early 2006 its government embraced energy behavioral change as a key part of the national energy policy, setting incentives for Utilities to install IHDs in consumers’ homes.

This is relevant because it is the first time that a government recognized Energy Visibility as a tool for Energy Efficiency.

Under the CERT scheme each IHD installed represented savings equivalent to 1Tn of CO2, triggering a competitive economy whereby utilities would try to get new customers by providing an IHD free of charge. In exchange, Utilities would sell the reductions of CO2 in the Carbon Market.

We have supplied clip-on energy monitors to 3 out of the 6 big utilities in the UK, selling in excess of 100,000 displays. In all of these cases, we have provided customized LCD designs and bespoke branded displays

Bespoke Sensing Technology


Although Smart Metering is recognised as a global phenomenon, its implementation is exceptionally local, with different drivers, regulatory environments, favoured technologies and standards. Each country and even each region has a different electricity infrastructure which means that each country or region will require an ad hoc approach to gain access to the energy information.

A good example of such a reality is Canada, where we saw the opportunity to develop and offer to Utilities a reliable technology that could "read" the IR pulses of most of Canada's existing metering infrastructure).

The technology was developed in 5 months and works reliably in the most extreme conditions imaginable

For this project, we developed a customized display compatible with the tariff specifications set out by Canadian Utilities, including summer and winter time tariffs.